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As part of the fully inclusive Money Know How service we put you in touch, free of charge, with a partner Company who are experts in Pension reviews . They are pension experts who can assess your income, lifestyle and aspirations so that they can conduct a full investigation into the performance of your retirement pensions in order that your income requirement in retirement can be best met.
This assessment is free and without any obligation, but they can look at all your current pensions, associated charges and current performance, and then evaluate their potential to see if they align with your financial aspirations.
They advise which pension arrangement will make your personal pension funds work harder, maximise their value, and therefore help make your retirement as comfortable as possible.

What is a retirement pension?
A regular payment made during a person's retirement from a pension fund to which that person or their employer has contributed. In the UK these are in addition to any government pension or state pension.

Can't trace all your pensions?
Don't worry. Just give us as much information as you can and let our partner Pension experts do the rest.


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